Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Chance!

So it turns out that unfortunately I didn't hear back from Amy. Amy, if you're out there I'd still love to send you a copy of "Sapphire Night"!

And in case I don't hear from her, I'd like to give away another copy, just to keep things interesting!

If you are interested, drop me a comment (if you have a story to share about jewelry that's significant to you, I'd love to hear it, otherwise just let me know you've stopped by)--and please leave me some way to contact you. :-)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


It's been a wonderful feeling, seeing a few reviews starting to come in for "Sapphire Night"--and I've been delighted that they've been postitive. It's a very affirming experience, having sent off your work into the "void" to get some echoes coming in that say it was worth the effort!

If you're interested, you can take a look at Mistress Bella's site at
(Five smacks! :-) )

Twolips gave me four lips, you can see what they had to say at

And You Gotta Read Reviews gave me their top recommendation--you can read the thoughtful comments at

Now I just have to write the next one, right? :-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Creative Juices

Wow, it's been a pretty hectic summer, in the way only summers can be. Some parts good, some not so good, but definitely hectic. There have been camping trips, kids home from school, guests from overseas, summer camps, etc etc. In some ways it's been fabulous to be out of regular routine, just going with whatever the day or week brings us. In others, not so great.

The writer in me is feeling a growing sense of frustration: though I've had segments of time where I really ought to have been buckling down and committing to finishing something, it feels like my creative juices have all dried up. I like to think of it as Summer Daze Syndrome. And in between the daze, I keep thinking about Nora Roberts in a Q&A session I heard recently, and feeling lame. She said something along the lines of "the Muse is a fickle bitch". Boy do I agree! And I fully realize I shouldn't just be saying "Oh, my creativity isn't feeling up to much". I also realize I need to take to heart her other tidbit of wisdom, that writing is a job and you have to sit down to it every day. It's a habit you have to nuture.

Ahem. Something I most definitely have not been doing.

Also, turns out my attention span is something of a fickle bitch, too--I have three or four story ideas bubbling, any of which I think I could hammer into shape if I could just make up my mind which one to work on.

So, if you're a writer, or have any kind of project you need to get down to, what do you do to get those creative juices going, or to nuture your habit? And if there's more than one project to choose from, how do you pick?